As a personal trainer in the fitness industry, you may have realized that you receive clients and lose some along the way. If you want to continue receiving new clients, you would have to maintain effort consistently and explore creative ways to attract new clients. The more effort and time you invest, the easier it becomes to attract new clients.

Becoming a personal trainer would have been a dream for a fitness enthusiast. They can make a positive change in other people’s lives and assist them in achieving their fitness goals. Moreover, getting certified as a personal trainer would have been a proud movement as a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, working as a personal trainer permits you to work flexible hours and charge your customers accordingly. Furthermore, you also have to maintain social relationships and be in good shape. Now you may wonder how you can attract clients as a personal trainer. So let us discuss some strategies that will be beneficial to lure more clients.

1. Appointment scheduling software

You may wonder how using appointment scheduling software can fetch you any clients. Here is how using appointment scheduling software works to your advantage. For instance, as a personal trainer, you would have a client base, whether large or small. You would usually write down the schedule and ring the clients to inform them of the schedule. You are most likely to double-book the schedule in such a system, leading to severe chaos. Furthermore, the system also consumes a considerable amount of time, as you have to do everything regarding scheduling the workout sessions for the clients to inform clients.

Personal trainers scheduling software like Picktime eases scheduling workout appointments and organizing them. The software sends automated reminders via email or SMS, so you no longer have to inform the clients about the secession. You can also squeeze in any changes effortlessly. The software is user-friendly, so it does not require much effort. The software also offers a dedicated 24/7 booking page to integrate into the website, which eases the booking process.

Furthermore, the clients can choose their scheduled workout appointment according to their daily routines. Thus, it improves transparency in the scheduling system. You can also integrate payment gateways to receive partial or complete payments from clients. The software also offers other features that make the software a fruitful investment.

2. Solid online presence

Maintaining a robust online presence can take your career as a personal trainer a long way. That is because potential customers tend to spend a lot of time online. Technological advances have fueled the trend, especially social media platforms. Social media platforms have revolutionized how businesses and brands communicate with potential customers.

The rudimentary step that you may take toward maintaining a solid online presence is creating a website that grabs the attention of potential customers. Meanwhile, the website should be easy to maneuver and access relevant information. You can adopt SEO strategies that Google deem appropriate to improve the website’s ranking on search engines.

Another essential step you have to take after creating the website is to develop social media profiles. Social media profiles permit you to communicate with your existing and potential clients. Remember that online content is crucial in luring customers onto your social media profiles. You have to develop content that your clients prefer consuming online. For instance, you can focus on creating content that would educate the individuals to set up a home gym or video content that would guide them to develop an exercise regime at home.

3. Build a network

For a personal trainer, a good attitude can lure customers and building a network would assist in expanding your clientele. Simply put, you need to promote yourself. You can attend a social gathering, for instance, dinner parties or other events. As a result, the people who you are and your expertise. When the individual requires a personal trainer, they would potentially approach you. Furthermore, you ask for a referral for someone needing your services.

4. Offer a free secession

To acquire new clients, you may offer a free workout session to potential clients. As a result, they can experience the service without making any commitments. Providing a free session to potential clients is a venue where you can showcase your expertise. Other benefits include, for instance;

  • Potential clients get to experience how excellent the service is
  • As a personal trainer, you can display your expertise
  • You will receive reliable leads that you can later convert

Furthermore, potential clients may be unsure whether to hire a personal trainer. Such potential clients can experience the service and decide to hire a personal trainer. Free secession is also an opportunity to show your potential clients how you can assist them in achieving their fitness goals.

Some personal trainers may hesitate to offer a free session, but if you are a beginner adopting such strategies will help you acquire new clients. For instance, the free session can take half an hour or so. The venue where you offer the free session need not be a gym. You can pick a place where you can show some exercises.

5. Don’t offer so many discounts

Here you can imagine a scenario, for instance, you have travel plans and surfing on the internet to reserve a hotel room. You may find a room with all the facilities, and the images of the room are great. The hotel also offers surprisingly low prices to make the reservation. What would be the first thought that will come to your mind? Maybe the room is not as good as it looks would have been the first thought that would come to your mind. As a personal trainer, if you offer ridiculous discounts, that’s what your potential clients may think. 

If a client asks for a discount and gets it, the value of your services will go down. There’s a prevalent perception that if you offer more discounts than your competitors, you will receive many customers. You are most likely to acquire customers by offering discounts, but such customers would be difficult to retain and train. Furthermore, such clients would not be much interested in the quality of the service provided. They would look for places where they can get even lower discounts. That doesn’t mean that offering discounts is terrible for business.

Whether to offer discounts is up to you. You can, for instance, offer discounts to clients you have been working with for a long time or to your most loyal customers. As a result, you can improve your customer retention rate.